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Nattfru came to us with a unique proposal for modern brand positioning through the packaging design services of its products. Now, of course, that was something that needed detailed packaging design services with a blend of modern trends and likes. Being the top graphic design company, and after a lot of efforts, our digital designers created a fun and fruity packaging design that merged real imagery with abstract designs to match our client’s brand personality.


The dairy Fun Ice cream had altogether a different case where they wanted to have Industry-Specific packaging design services to cater to its audience. We performed thorough research as to how we can relate the product to customers in a simple way. We went ahead with using a blend of real and abstract to maintain the simplicity of packaging design and fulfill the scope of the requirements as well.

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Dolce Ice-Cream had the challenge to clear where they wanted to market a new offering with words and visuals on their packaging. Now definitely it seemed simple but then going into details the situation was vice versa. Our senior graphic designers were happy to shine even brighter by successfully delivering the design as per requirements, and for that, they brainstormed several concepts to create a unique packaging and graphic design online that included a blend of aesthetic imagery along with hints of the real product. The concept rocked and was accepted with high spirits and is showcased on various graphic design websites.

packaging design services


Saloni Mustard oil had to be given a packaging design and business logo design service that appealed to its audience in a very pleasing manner and also helps the company generate warmer leads. Now to successfully deliver the required design we had to brainstorm how the product will look like in stores, and therefore accordingly the chillilemon agents along with our freelance graphic designers created a versatile package design to appease the target audience and also managed to generate leads for the product just with the help of its packaging.

packaging design services


Ratan Pizza wanted packaging design services for its pizza box that helped make it clear what is inside the box, and they wanted quality elements in the packaging design. After our initial review discovered various design samples, we performed thorough research to build the box design that enabled the product to serve as marketing collateral and represent brand material to its audience.

packaging design services


Action ka School time Shoes wanted a packaging design that makes sense for the physical product inside the box. Now for that situation, we needed to create our information architecture that included industry-specific offerings for the likes of the company as well its customers. To this our agents came up with a design that was sassy along with being fashionable, and appealed to the school audience for the right and perfect school shoes thus fulfilling the client requirements.